“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” —  Albert Einstein

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Permaculture Design Certificate 3rdEdition

April 05, 2019

The 72 hour Permaculture Design Certificate course follows the curriculum as laid out in Bill Mollison's Permaculture - A Designer's Manual. It covers subjects ranging from ethics and principles of permaculture, natural systems, aquaculture, sustainable design methods, patterns in nature, land restoration, water harvesting, grey water recycling, natural building, food forests and guilds, energy conservation, appropriate technology, renewable energy, urban permaculture and invisible structures. The course teaches how to develop sustainable human settlements, and how to extend and preserve natural systems. The content will be covered between theoretical lectures and practical applications. The courses aim to utilize the collective intelligence of the group with engaging participatory classes.


May 10, 2019

"The best foundation you can wear is a yoga glow on your face.“

Step out of your daily routine and join Katharina for a 6-days of inner and outer exploration amidst the stunning natural beauty of Portugal. Immerse yourself in nurturing practices for your body and soul, discover your inner beauty and reconnect with your true nature! Reconnect with your deepest self through transformative yoga, pranayama and daily meditation practices that will leave you feeling refreshed, vibrant, and grounded. This retreat provides a safe space created by a circle of beautiful women to be your true, authentic self and connect with the female wisdom.

Wild Yoga Retreat - Yoga & Hiking

May 17, 2019

Join us for a week long yoga and hiking retreat on the Atlantic coast in one of Portugal’s most diverse regions. Our retreat in the south-west Alentejo offers, breathtaking walks through unspoilt countryside and rugged coastline, windswept beaches with wild swimming in the sea and nearby waterfalls and a chance to enjoy nature from the stunning open air yoga platform and beautiful glass fronted yoga shala with views of the forrest.

Andreina Vila Yoga

May 28, 2019

The deeper we go, the more out there we feel. It feels that by going inwards, into the body, we respond by exploring into expansion, and when the body is in expansion, it takes the mind with it.

As we are going to be inspired by the renewal energy of springtime this retreat offers space to delve deep into the yoga practice and to explore a variety of approaches as well as breath work, meditation, and yoga nidra. From the innate wisdom of our body we will create space in the practice with a sense of joyous and curiosity, connecting to our intuition, replenish our energy levels on a beautiful journey within.

Summer Retreat with Lakshya

June 02, 2019

Join us for our yoga retreat and cultural experience in beautiful Portugal, where we get to experience the picturesque city of Lisbon as well as the stunning countryside of South West Portugal, bordering Algarve

June 07, 2019

Yoga is like a map that can help us to navigate through the terrain of our lives.

As we expand physically, getting stronger and more open and comfortable in our bodies, we create space for the mind to turn in, listen and align with who we are here to be.  It allows us to come back to ourselves, to what is real, to what matters,  and connects us to our purpose in a way that lingers beyond the moment on our mat and inspires us to take action and follow our dreams…

Monara Yoga Retreat Portugal ~ Surf mit Monara

June 14, 2019

Im mediterranen Portugal möchten wir mit euch den Mai genießen.
In einem sehr ruhigen Tal bei Odemira in der Nordalgarve liegt zwischen Korkeichen und Eukalyptus ein renovierter Bauernhof mit Yogaraum und -terrasse, Kaminzimmer, Naturschwimmbecken, Sonnenterasse.... ca. 20 Min. mit dem Auto vom Meer und vom nächsten Ort entfernt. Abends hört man die Grillen zirpen und tagsüber bekommt man neben dem wunderschönen Ausblick, leckere, frisch zubereitete vegetarische Mahlzeiten.

Retiro Yoga com Simão Monteiro e Miguel Homem

June 19, 2019

O Simão e o Miguel voltam a juntar-se para praticar, estar em silêncio, conviver, fazer kīrtan, dar umas gargalhadas e estendem o convite a quem mais quiser a partilha. A proposta é um tempo de retiro dedicado à prática de Yoga, junto de pessoas que partilham o mesmo gosto e com quem podemos aprender mais. 


June 30, 2019


Hillside Eco Retreat . Vinyasa Flow Yoga . Yin Yoga . Meditation . Kirtan . Natural Bio Swimming Pool . Delicious Homegrown Vegetarian Food . Wild Surf Beaches .

Acroyoga - with John Karvelis, Eric Simeth & Inez Almeida

July 13, 2019

7 days summer retreat in Portugal, where one can immerse himself in the strengthening practice of yoga, the joy and delight of acroyoga and the healing effects of Thai massage. One will get the chance to slow down, taking the time to connect to oneself, the beautiful people around and Mother Earth, mesmerized by the sound and beauty of nature, healthy food, indoor and outdoor practices, horse ridding and tranquility. This retreat focuses on the refinement of sensitivity of contact, on deepening communication skills and on increasing awareness about the capacity to trust and support within the practice. It will deepen the feeling of belonging to the community as well. 


August 02, 2019


Surf & Yoga retreat

August 02, 2019

What's tSpring time is the most amazing time time to fall in love with Portugal in bloom. Come discover the beauty of the SW Coast and Ocean on a surf board, with total immersion in Nature, daily Yoga, Nourishing Vegetarian food and reconnection with yourself. You can expect to be inspired by silence, permaculture and sustainability. Unique stargazing, unique people, unique beaches, unique re-alignment with yourself through yoga. It is a great opportunity to shift into the wild, into health, into new lifestyle inspirations, into yoga. True Ocean and authentic country side valley for 6 days at Spring time. Sign-up and Spring along the waves and the valleys. 


August 15, 2019

yoga - meditación - cuencos - nidra - respiración – gongs

"Porque tu cuerpo es tu templo, si amas la naturaleza, el bienestar y el autoconocimiento te invitamos a una experiencia inolvidable de cuatro días en una finca/comunidad santuario natural de peregrinaje eco-sostenible en los bosques de Odemira (Alentejo), bordeando el Algarve portugués dónde a través del espejo de la naturaleza y la práctica psicofísica podremos mirar hacia dentro amplificando los sentidos... reconectándonos con el SER."

Revive & Replenish Yoga Retreat-Magda Procner

August 18, 2019

This 7-day retreat will give you everything you need to revive and replenish your energy levels. Alignment-based, creatively sequenced Vinyasa classes with meditation in the mornings will help you connect with your body on a deeper level and calm your mind, while alignment workshops and various relaxation and breathing techniques in the afternoons will release any residue stress or anxiety.  Classes will be lead by Magda, who has been living, studying and teaching in India since 2011, where she co-founded her own studio - Parinama Yoga Studio. Add delicious vegetarian meals, 71ha of green grounds, gardens, forests and creeks to explore, cozy communal spaces, bonfires, beautiful surf beaches nearby and plenty of extra activities to choose from, and you have a recipe for a holiday which will leave you re-centred, well-rested and rejuvenated.

This Yoga Life Co. Healing Festival.

August 30, 2019

Treat yourself to a week or two out of your busy life and into nature. This Yoga Life Co. has an incredible line-up of teachers, guides, healers and friends to give you the most wonderful retreat experience of your life! There will be a plethora of practices to join in with: yoga, meditation, chi-kung, walks & relaxations. You can learn about healing herbs & how to choose foods that are right for you; get a massage, swim in the bio-pool, take a creative workshop or learn about permaculture. This is the most jam-packed retreat experience imaginable. Or you could just nap in a hammock and let the vibes soak into your skin. 

Born To Be Free - Discover Yourself

September 12, 2019

What does it mean to be free?
What holds us back from being the best version of ourselves?

This weeklong gathering is a playground to be free and to free yourself. Free yourself from everything that limits you in living a healthy, happy and authentic life. This retreat will challenge you to find your own unique path to being free and feeling alive.

Mindfulness Retreat - Geraldine Gobert

September 27, 2019

This retreat is an inner journey to learn the art of being present, compassionately embracing and deeply observing and to expand the possibilities in mind, body and heart and around ourselves. Learn to connect to a particular kind of attention and open awareness - able to observe thoughts, emotions, stress, tensions, and learn from them, without letting them define reality. Develop an awareness that favors the process of thinking to the content of thoughts to let go of mind reactions, and learn to observe the stories of the mind without believing them. Experience how expansion can take form on the different layers of experience (brain, body, mind, heart and subconsciousness) and join Geraldine in A Lotus Seed's Open Mind Retreat... 

*** This retreat is integrates mindfulness-based practices (mbct-mbsr), as well as heart, and metta-practices, neuroscience and deep ancient Buddhism (Theravada and Tibethan) to provide a holistic understanding and integration***

October 04, 2019

Taekwondo, Hapkido, Meditation, Qigong, Taichi und Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin

The Effortless Attainment of Wholeness - Jeff Carreira & Silvia Rodrigues

October 25, 2019

During this retreat you will discover that spiritual fulfillment is not something that can happen in the future because it is already the truth of who we are now.

We have been culturally conditioned to see ourselves as partial, incomplete, and deficient, so . we work hard all the time to improve ourselves and to find wholeness. Bu now, most of us have developed a v very deep habit of assuming that we must work hard striving for our goals...

October 31, 2019

Este encontro destina-se a todos aqueles que pretendam mergulhar no seu auto-conhecimento em profunda comunhão com a natureza, tendo acesso a diversas metodologias de vanguarda, integradas em harmonia. Na prática, serão apresentadas, desenvolvidas e aplicadas as seguintes abordagens: Princípios da Purificação e Evolução Espiritual;  Ioga; Meditação; Rebirthing; Constelações Sistémicas; Alimentação Saudável;  Coaching; Astrologia Psicológica.

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