“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


Inspiring change in the world with the food we eat..

As permaculture inspired retreat centre with the aim of promoting health and transformation, we provide delicious and nutritious plant base food to our guests, which comes mostly straight from our gardens.


We grow our own organic greens and herbs in the mandala gardens, as well as pines, cork oaks and arbutus berries and have large organic gardens and orchard for near self-sufficient food production.

We consciously prepare the menu to be healthy and balanced, nutritious and tasty using seasonal produce, mostly organic and from our own gardens.




However not everything is 100% organic (cereals, bread, some fruits which we don´t produce on the farm), but we privilege seasonal, fresh fresh food bought locally.


We regularly have themed nights at the retreat, which are especially loved by our guests:

Pizza night (wood fired Pizza made in the ancient bread oven), Indian night or Brazilian night with food and outdoor music (weather permitting) and outdoor fire on demand with star gazing.

Phone: +351 918 82 5744                                                                                E-mail: silence@orada.eu

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