Orada is a Transition Educational Community promoting and bridging spiritual, ecological and transformative embodied experience and retreats,  towards a Transition into new attitudes and paradigm community living. We are nestled in the heart of a nature sanctuary in the woods of Odemira, Alentejo, South West Portugal, bordering Algarve.

We focus on organic farming and conscious nutrition, meditation and nature contemplation spaces. We are space holder community, a force for innovative possibilities, new mindsets, not a guesthouse, hotel nor a restaurant.


Orada was founded on the vision that nature, health, sustainability and community are fundamental insights to Transition out of the toxicity of modern times. It is a place to get inspired to redesign life on Earth and manifest that awakening.


Monte da Orada is one of the oldest buildings on documented parochial records to stand in this region.


​The São Teotónio creek cuts the property across and it is responsible for the lush green and abundant landscape.


The name Orada means "prayed for" and legend goes that people and animals came to rest here to recover from their ailments. So much so that a yearly pilgrimage took place on the 15 August from the people of São Teotónio, consisiting of paying homage to “Our Lady of Orada” in the form of a kiss. This tradition died out some 70 years ago, but the older folk still hold memories.

In 1969 the main irrigation canal was inagurated, cutting across the property once more, in such way that all buildings are now protected by water lines all around.

"The valley spirit never dies;
We call it the mysterious female.
The gates of the mysterious female -
These we call the roots of Heaven and Earth.
Subtle yet everlasting! It seems to exist.
In being used, it is never exhausted."

Tao te King

Phone: +351 918 82 5744                                                                                E-mail: silence@orada.eu

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