Monte Orada is an old sanctuary, a place for contemplation and connection with nature and water. It is a place to get inspired to redesign life's attitudes on Earth and manifest that awakening. 


Orada was started on the vision that nature, health, sustainability are fundamental insights to Transition out of the toxicity of modern times.


We focus on organic farming, conscious nutrition, meditation and permaculture. We are space holder context, a force for innovative possibilities, new mindsets, not a guesthouse, hotel nor a restaurant.


We are nestled in the heart of a nature sanctuary in the woods of Odemira, Alentejo, South West Portugal, bordering Algarve.




Monte da Orada dates back to at least the XII century, it was known as the "Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Orada" (Our Lady of Orada Sanctuary). The name Orada can mean both "prayed for" and "prayer" and in some old municipal records spelled as "Ourada" (Golden one).


 Its water fountain was considered sacred for its baths and it was a mandatory stop on route to Monchique and Algarve, it was a known stop of the general and cannonised mystic Saint Nuno of Santa Maria (aka Santo Condestável, D. Nuno Alvares Pereira).  The cult of Orada peaked in the XIV century, but there are signs of pre-christian (pagan) origins.


When you come visit, you will be the judge of that, hopefully it will be part of your personal history.  


Our Mission


One day in the future mother earth will be fully respected, in its diversity, beauty, abundance and divinity. Monte da Orada aims to bring that future closer in a sustainable and long lasting manner, locally and throughout the region. 


Our ongoing initiatives are:


  • To reconvert eucalyptus forests into fire-proof mixed native forests;

  • To slow down the desertification by promoting water storage in the landscape and monitoring local creeks and water lines;

  • To educate and showcase best Permacultural practices to restore top soil and technologies;

  • To inspire young families to return and commit to the land in a non-extractionist approach.

  • To wide hunt-free territories as wild life shelters;

  • To host Scientific flora and fauna observation shelters;

  • Partner with local vets and local associations to shelter injured animals.


Our Vision


For this farm is to honor its tradition and continue to offer a place of spiritual re-encounter with oneself through nature, healthy food and mindful contemplation of beauty and simplicity.


Our personal growth vision and purpose is to inspire an awakening and transition into an increasingly conscious mindset, spirituality, and sustainable existence, reconnecting with the Source (Nature & Purpose), through a nourishing context of possibilities:


Yoga practice, meditation, fasting or juicing, conscious organic gardening and nourishing vegetarian food, contact plant wisdom, gazing at breathtaking starry skies, swimming, hiking, forest baths, sauna, massages and  sharing experiences with  like minded people from all over the world.

Nature is Luxury at Monte da Orada

Nature is Luxury

Simplicity, beauty and comfort is what we offer, but nature is the true luxury here.

Conscious Food at Monte da Orada

Consciuous Food

Vegan, Organic and Local - For a sustainable future

Paradigm Shift at Monte da Orada

Paradigm Shift

Awaken and transition. Be impacted by a transformative experience. Sow seeds for the future

Who we Are


We are a family living in this amazing valley and we invite you to enjoy this natural sanctuary we live in. We try to live in community spirit, caring for our food gardens and seeds, hosting volunteers, workers and visitors, so there is always a warm and alternative international vibe in the air. 

We, the hosts, have two kids, we are well traveled psychotherapists, we are into Permaculture and Conscious Nutrition, searching purity and worshiping Nature.

We are easygoing, we like to socialize as much as enjoying privacy, and engage in paradigm shift talks and most important we want you to feel totally at ease to follow your rhythm.

Foto Juliana .jpeg



Born in Brazil, between the madness of São Paulo and the clean air of her family farm, lived between extreme paradoxes until the age of 22, when graduated in clinical psychology.

While In Portugal started a long journey first studying and later teaching, different subjects: psychological astrology, body psychotherapy, and then her great passion, the Analytical Psychology of Carl Jung. Founded the first Jungian school in the country, lectured and kept her practice for 15 years. Having found the love of her life, and having had 2 beautiful children, profound changes began to shake her foundations and decided to leave the artificiality of the city to the source of all archetypes: Nature. In nature she fell in love with seeds, trees, water. The cycles she had studied so deeply in the past became alive and filled with colors, smells, sensations.

Magical plants that interact with consciousness became her new source of knowledge, and the books gave way to an inspiring inner landscape. Extremist. Ambitious. Her non-goal is Enlightenment. Trusts ecstasy as a personal method. Only rest when exhausted. Does not fear chaos. Permaculture, Mythology, Community and Friendship are her foundations.

Wisdom, Commitment and Abundance are her bright principles.

Núbia and Luca growing in the paradise of Orada is her legacy.

David is her passion and her haven. "Unfuck" the (inner and outer) world is her mission.

Orada is (her) Home.


Geared with MacGiver like resourcefulness since youth, left to Amsterdam in 1997 as Indiana Jones only to escape Academia and ended up ridding the corporate Internet/Telecom bubble as a troubleshooter.

Dry and blue of seeking meaning within Corporate realms decided to study Psychology in parallel as an escape clause for a rainy day. Worked as translator for a short while and loved it. In 2005 moved to Brussels HQ of British Telecom as the last nail in his corporate coffin with the aim to regain key global accounts as a Service Account Mgr only to succeed, burn-out and return back to his mother soil in 2007.

Best move ever: married the best Jungian Analyst ever,  became group psychotherapist, specialized in Psychodrama therapy and 'Gifts Compass', coined and structured Kosmicare (psychedelic harm reduction festival standard) at Boom Festival.


In 2013 moved to SW  Portugal countryside, raising 2 free range kids, doing couples therapy, took over a dormant retreat farm and gave it life taking permaculture and reencounter with Nature as key values to showcase a transitional lifestyle as inspiration to resettle into nature sustainably and co-exist with the forces of conscious manifestation - as a translator again.

Currently fine tuning his off-grid nano-nation as a long term contribution to 'unfuck' the word.

Has dreams, long term - kids.



Filipa Hora

Nature child raised between the ocean and the silent hills of Alentejo. 

She studied Philosophy  but her pragmatic side led her to arts production.

Filipa left a 20 year busy International Performative Arts and Events production career for a life closer to Nature and … her sister-wife Juliana :) 


She found a very productive way of expressing her obsessive compulsive Virgo aspects in harmonizing and beautifying Orada´s spaces, gardens, rooms and tribe. She is Orada´s Host and Ooops Manager :) Coordinating Orada´s team, managing the logistics she makes sure that all needs are met for the smooth running of retreats and events. 


Filipa is Family.  

Orada is her and her son’s, Rafael, home. 

Foto gabriela.png
Gabriela Araújo

Born in Brazil, Gabriela moved to Portugal 6 years ago.

From a lineage of Alchemist cooks, she brings the heart to Orada´s Kitchen. 


Her tiny hands have fed thousands of people! Spoiling every guest to their hearts delight,

she devotes herself to preparing beautiful buffet tables that bring AW moments to our guests. 


Her food is soulful, delicious and colorful. She calls it Spiritual kitchen. We agree. 

Foto Catarina.jpg
Catarina Couto

Catarina is Brazilian. For the past 13 years she has been vegetarian, changing 2 years ago to the vegan life-style. Since a younger age she loves cooking. She studied Gastronomy and Nutrition in UniCam. 


She has a 10 year professional experience that included teaching Vegan Gastronomy, Menu design and kitchen consultancy, that culminated in landing in her dream job as head-chef at Orada. 

Her cooking and organizational skills are impeccable, she manages with an impressive sense of responsibility a kitchen that never stops for 300 days a year. 


She a Nature lover and an enthusiastic cyclist. In the SWCoast she found life's bliss. 

Camila Serra

Nature and adventure sports lover, Camila was born in Brazil and in Alentejo she found her Natural habitat between the SW mountains and sea. Although she studied sports, in nutrition she found a more complete way to share knowledge about conscious health. 


Her steady and calm presence brings an harmonizing vibe to the hectic kitchen. She is the first face you see in the morning, serving us a delicious and creative breakfast that sets the pace for the day.

Foto George.jpg

Born and raised in SE Asia, George’s appreciation for nature was honed over years of long and thoughtful observation of the subtropical country parks of Hong Kong, where he was involved with the environmental movement from a young age. He has been studying permaculture for the last 10 years, having found in it a brilliant framework for environmental action. In 2014 he started the teaching group Circle Permaculture which partners with farms and ecological education sites to run well-organised Permaculture Design Certificate courses. He is on theCertifying Teachers Register of the Permaculture Association UK. Aside from teaching, he is a long term practitioner of yoga and meditation, a poet and songwriter, slackliner and avid hiker.


Dafne Schvets 

Dafne is an argentinian living in Portugal since the early 90's, coming from a line of artists in the family, she followed that same path, eventually changing it for a different type of creativity, the art of cooking.


Her love for plants and their properties is her biggest passion, together with holistic nutrition and the way that food can heal, makes all sence to her. Her love of cooking for others grew with her, looking at her grandmother's hands doing what she knew best, cooking and caring.