Think like nature, place nature first, leave a positive impact, enrich rather than extract and commit for long term benefits. Nourish and be nourished back by abundance. 

"Permaculture is a way of bringing together in a sensible system: ourselves and our communities, with whatever bit of land/space we are tending.


Permaculture addresses the way we live on this planet in a graceful and healthy way, respecting the plants and animals around us, and leaving the biosphere in a more productive and healthy state than we found it." 

Abobe and Taipa Buildings

Most of the ancient ruins of Orada were recovered using the ancient local building technics using local materials and local knowledge: Taipa  & Adobe buildings. 

Also known  as rammed earth, Taipa is a technique to build foundation, and walls  and floors using only natural raw materials such as earth, gravel, rock, chalk and lime. 

It is an ancient method that has been revived recently as a sustainable  and natural building material. It has very interesting in terms of thermally massive, it is strong, durable and very beautiful. 

Hot tube with fire wood

Thick cast iron bath tube encased in stone framing prepared to be heated by firewood. The bath tube is outdoor, located in a beautiful setting with view to a virgin green forest in the middle of nature. 

Earthship kitchen

This outdoor kitchen was build using old glass bottles and local stone and clay. 

Converted reclycled containers

To recycle containers in to a livable space is a great way to recycle! They are affordable and relatively easy to transport, and because of their mobility they can be a solution when time and practicality is an issue. Containers are like adaptable structures, and natural materials can be used inside and outside to integrate them in the landscape. 


The Biopool is a natural and live system, chemical free, where all clarifying and purifying of the water is achieved through biological filters and plants rooted hydroponically in the system. The biopool has 2 areas : the swimming zone - is the area intended for swimming that resembles a conventional swimming pool and a regeneration zone, that consists of a lined overflow pool filled with specific filtration substrate and flora. Plants used for water regeneration are supplemented with decorative flowering species to create an attractive water garden environment. The biological processes that clean the water take place in this zone.

The fauna (birds, frogs and lizards) are attracted to the biopool, increasing biodiversity in the region. 

the biopool is healthy to the environment and to us humans, because is chemical free. The temperature is always lukewarm. 

Chicken Tractor

A chicken tractor is a mobile coop that comes with wheels, skids or other accessories that make them easy to cart around. They aren’t built with floors, so wherever the chicken tractor is moved to the chickens have access to fresh ground, where they : 

1- eats old plants, seeds and other weeds. 2 - scratch the soil, making it fluffy and ready to plant. 3 - fertilize the soil with their poop 4 - give you great organic eggs !

Tree House

The Tree House is located in the green forest inside Orada´s Valley.   The tree house was build using recycled and organic materials, like wood, cork & burlap providing a healthy and comfortable temperature regardless of outside weather. Unlimited silence within an evergreen forest reservation. Amazing canopy vistas, endless creek trails, by foot and mountain bike.


Mandala Organic Gardens

Organic Farmig (medium scale)

Seed Bank

Abundance is one of Juliana´s bright principles. She is the keeper of a live seed bank with more than 1000 varieties of species, most of them vegetables but also some fruits and flowers. We usually grow about 40 different kinds of tomatoes and 30 different pumpkins, plus a big variety of greens and root vegetables.

Permacultural designed gardens

Food Forest

Peach, apple, prune, grapes, medronho, cork, oak, blackberries and some of the amazing trees we worship in Orada.


Creating soil is so important. We compost everything we can! There is so much value in "garbage". We compost kitchen and garden scraps, wood, ashes, card boards etc. 

Compost returns valuable nutrients to the soil to help maintain soil quality and fertility. We do not use chemicals fertilizers, and composting reduces the impact of chemical fertilizers that runoff into our rivers, lakes and streams. 

Fermented drinks "laboratory"

We ferment healthy and delicious drinks like kombucha, Ginger bug and Kefir. We use amazing natural flavors and spices to make them super tasty and available to everyone. 



Dry Tiolets composter

mushroom "plantation"

We grown our own Shitake Mushrooms. Nhamy! 

Green House

We also want to eat organic during the cold season! We have peppers, eggplants, tomatoes and zucchinis till November, fennel bulbs, swiss chard ( our favorite), all the brassicas many other delicious veggies during all winter. 

Photovoltaic power

solar hot water

solar pump

solar dehidrator and solar oven

During the summer season we have abundance of fruit and abundance of solar energy. We use this free everlasting energy to dehydrate fruits and vegetables, and store them for winter, when the fruit season is over. 

Only organic soaps, detergents and shampoo

This land gives us so much. We want to give back to her, saving her from toxicity. In Orada we only use biodegradable and organic detergents, soaps and shampoos. We treat the dark and grey waters, so we protect her keeping her purity. 

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