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Indoor, Outdoor and Exclusive

Retreat Modes

Indoor Retreat


When the weather (too hot or too wet) could be an issue,

when privacy and comfort is central, when the whole group needs to be together,

the ideal option for your retreat is Indoor. 


Accommodation: The 6 private suites with Bathrooms (6 to 12 pax)   and The big House (18 pax) . This option is ideal for groups from 12 to 20 people. 

Facilities: Nave (150m2 multipurpose open space) ideal for yoga, dance, tantra classes, or any other practice that might require both a view or privacy. Panoramic Roof Deck ( 150m2) ideal to engage in outdoor practices like Yoga, tai chi and Martial arts, or just use it as a great sunbathing lounge. All the other facilities (sauna spa, biopool, sacred fire, mandala gardens, canal etc) 


Outdoor Retreat


Ideal for nature lovers, groups seeking the inspiration of the outdoors,  under the soundtrack of local birds and the creek streams, offering a bath of wild beauty with the option of a bit of adventure hikes and swimming. It is an exploratory botanical experience and an intimate contact with the elements, vital to disconnect from the urban lockdown. The unique stargazing and bonfires will be treasures you take home.   

There is so much space and unique spots that you will hardly notice that there could be other retreats happening at the same time. 

This option is ideal for groups from 12 to 17 people. 


Accommodation: Bungalows (8pax), Tree house (2pax), Tepees (6 pax), Tiny House (1 pax) . 

Facilities: Nature Shala, Meditation Temple, Biopool, Canal + Tunnel , Creeks and Varzea, Sauna, Firewood outdoor bath tube, Sacred Fire amphitheater 

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Exclusive Retreat


When group size, sense of exclusivity, no social interaction and inner focus so require. 

This option guarantees the exclusive use of all facilities both from indoor and outdoor retreat options. 

Ideal for groups from 18 to 47 people.