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Retreat Modes


Escape to Orada and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

Each option promises a unique and captivating environment, tailored to
provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Painel de madeira claro

Garden Retreat



When the weather becomes a challenge, whether it's scorching hot or rainy, when privacy and comfort are of utmost importance, and when you want the entire group to stay together, the indoor option is the perfect choice.

This option is ideal for groups ranging from 20 to 24 people.


  • The Private Suites (6-12p)

  • The Twin Rooms in the main house (2-4p)

  • The Tiny House (1-2p)

  • The Creek Studio (2-6p)



  • The Nave with panoramic rooftop

  • All amenities: dining hall with its outdoor terrace, a spa corner

                    with a sauna, ice bath, massage room, sacred fire, and amphitheater

                    area, a teepee, a beautiful mandala gardens, a refreshing biopool and

                    a canal for swimming.

Ideal for nature lovers and groups seeking inspiration from the outdoors, enveloped by the tranquil symphony of local birdsong and the creek streams.

Embark on an exploratory botanical journey, forging an intimate connection with the elements—a vital escape from the confines of urban life. The enchanting spectacle of stargazing and crackling bonfires will become cherished memories to carry home.

This option is ideal for groups ranging from 15 to 26 people


  • The Bungalows (4-8p)

  • The Lotus Tent (1-3p)

  • The Tree House (1-2p)

  • The Bunk Dorm (4-8p)

  • The Loft Dorm (2-5p)


  • The Nature Shala

  • The Yoga & Meditation Temple

  • All amenities include a dining hall with its outdoor terrace, a sauna, a sacred fire area and amphitheater, a teepee, an outdoor bathtub, a refreshing biopool, and a canal for swimming.

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Painel de madeira claro

Forest Retreat

Painel de madeira claro

Exclusive Retreat

Experience complete privacy and exclusivity with full access to indoor and outdoor facilities.

With no other groups present, you can enjoy a sense of seclusion, allowing for a focused

and intimate experience.

Perfect for groups ranging from 25 to 60 people.

Our purpose is to connect you to yourself and like-minded people. 

We created this space so that your soul can thrive and you can live a life of purpose.

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