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Nutrition & Detox

Oradians have always possessed an unwavering passion for health, nutrition,

and the art of cooking.

Orada's cookbook is considered one of the finest collections of retreat menu recipes. Years of invaluable experience have allowed our Chefs to refine our menu into a harmonious blend of balanced, tasty, and nourishing dishes.

Our meals are a soulful, colorful, and delicious experience,

lovingly prepared by our talented chefs.

appetizing vegan lunch made at an  yoga retreat center

Why Plant Based

Embracing a plant-based menu for our retreat of 40 people, three times a day, for 11 months a year demonstrates our responsible attitude towards the environment.

It not only benefits the planet but also

promotes better health.


Our carefully prepared whole foods energize participants, aid digestion, and provide a delightful culinary experience.

Orada Cookbook

This first edition of the Orada Cookbook features over 200 plant-based and predominantly gluten-free recipes, including old-time favourites that we have been serving to our guests for the past few years.


The recipes are fully illustrated, technically simple,

and simply delicious!

For questions regarding the book, please contact:

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an open book of vegan recipes of Monte da Orada retreat center
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