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Monte Orada is an authentic Portuguese countryside home.


A rustic country­side home is not a city home. It has all the essential commodities for you to be comfortable, but it’s still a home surrounded by nature, by the elements, lots of sunlight, lots of green vibrant life, overwhelming silence, an amazing night sky...


We also share our surroundings with some harmless bugs and wild animals. That’s why when coming to Monte da Orada we like to share in advance with our guests that nature is indeed alive around this house. And so we invite you to embrace this experience and to honor it!

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Yoga & Meditation Temple

This temple is the perfect place to contemplate stillness and practice mindfulness.

It has 2 stages (50m2+ 50m2) and holds up to 40 people. We provide mats, blocks, belts and bolsters.

Panoramic Nave

This 150m2 multipurpose open space hall is ideal for workshops, meetings  as well as  Yoga classes. It has a basic sound system, wifi broadband, flipcharts, whiteboard, RGB lights and long coffee-break counter. (holds 80 people)

Panoramic Rooftop

Watch the sunset from our panoramic rooftop terrace, watch the birds or engage in outdoor  practices like yoga, tai chi and martial arts.

One of Orada's favorite spaces, this terrace is also serves as a great sun bathing lounge, restaurant terrace and beer garden. It holds 80+ people.

Nature Shala

Nature Shala

This 76m2 deck is ideal for Yoga practice, but it is also a great space for contemplation, meditation and mindfulness practice. Under an ancient oak tree, it is a shaded area in the middle of a beautiful landscape.

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Dining Hall

Our beautiful traditional Portuguese dining hall holds 40 seated people. It has 2 bathrooms, video projection, a fireplace and social lounge.

Our Kitchen is equipped with 2 stoves, 3 sinks, dishwasher, dehydrator, Vitamix blender, food processor, sprouter, fast and slow juicers.

Terrace Restaurant

60m2 of outdoor area with beautiful vistas, great for break-out meetings, feedback sessions or just eating outside.

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Sacred Fire Amphitheatre


Perfect for ceremonies with stone seats for up to 50 people overseeing the valley. It is often used as our outdoor cinema.

Massage & Spa


Indulge yourself  with one of our individually tailored massage treatments, and let yourself melt in the intuitive touch of caring therapists. 

Take a lavender or rosemary bath in our outdoor bathtub relaxing while immersed in nature, enjoying the breathtaking sights.



The Biopool is a natural and live system, chemical free, where all clarifying and purifying of the water is achieved through biological filters and plants rooted hydroponically in the system. 

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“If You Truly Love Nature, You Will Find Beauty Everywhere”

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