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Orada Cookbook

Conscious nourishment lies at the core of Orada's philosophy, seamlessly woven into every aspect of our establishment.

Taking inspiration from the natural cycles that sustain us, our culinary team meticulously crafts menus that embrace seasonal variations, with a strong emphasis on locally sourced ingredients.


Our aim is to offer a nutritionally balanced menu, brimming with diverse options, while also catering to individuals with specific dietary needs and food sensitivities.

Within the pages of this inaugural edition of the Orada Cookbook, you will discover a treasure trove of over 200 recipes, predominantly plant-based and thoughtfully curated to be largely gluten-free.


These recipes include beloved classics that have delighted our cherished guests over the years.


Each recipe is not only beautifully illustrated but also crafted with simplicity in mind, ensuring that even novice cooks can create dishes that are undeniably delightful.

For questions regarding the book, please contact:

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